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10 Top QA Testing Companies in USA 2022

by support@1lyqa.com
Top QA Companies USA

Here is a List and comparison of the Top QA Testing Companies: Top QA Testing Service Providers from USA.

We have provided a list of the best QA Testing Service Provider companies from the USA. We have also compared QA companies in detail so you can quickly select the best provider for your services.

In this article, we will review Software Testing in short and mainly focus on the companies who provide Software testing service provider companies.

List of 10 Most Promising QA Testing Companies USA

  • A1QA


Indium Software is a global leader in QA testing services with over 2 decades of experience. They offer a wide range of software testing services for next-gen AI/ML applications. The company has proven experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises, and Fortune 500 clients over the last 20 years.

Indium has been serving clients across several industries including Banking, Technology, Healthcare, Life sciences, Retail, and Education through flexible and scalable delivery models. Indium’s IP led automation framework iSAFE, helps customers in fulfilling their test automation needs.

Headquarters: Cupertino, CA
Founded: 1999
Company size: 1100+

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ImpactQA is an independent software testing and QA consulting company in New York. The company provides full-cycle QA automated testing services engineered for Application Testing,

Security Testing, SAP Testing, Continuous Testing, Performance Engineering, DevOps Testing, and more. They primarily serve SMEs and Fortune 500 companies in the IT, e-commerce, health care, and BFSI industries.  NOTABLE PROJECT

ImpactQA handled the application testing for a real estate company. The team helped in QA-ing the client’s newly launched home wellness IoT platform and ensured that the platform was more robust and more stable with fewer bugs.  

Headquarters: New York, USA
Founded in: 2011
Employees: 250 – 999
Revenue: $5 – $10 M

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Founded in 2003, a1qa is a 800+ strong independent software quality assurance provider offering full-cycle testing services, including QA audits and consulting, test automation, and QA outsourcing.

With over 1,500 successfully completed projects in its portfolio, a1qa delivers proficient testing services and niche expertise to clients across multiple industries, including software and technology, telecom, banking and finance, healthcare, education and e-learning, media and entertainment, e-commerce, oil and gas, travel, and hospitality. a1qa’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Headquarters: Colorado, USA
Revenue: US $10 M
No. of Employees: 500-1000
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Cigniti Technologies Limited (www.cigniti.com) is the world’s leading Independent Quality Engineering (QE) & Software Testing services company, bringing the power of AI into Agile & DevOps, to accelerate enterprise digital transformation.

A strategic QE partner for leading global organizations, we assist you in accelerating your time-to-market & reducing the cost of quality by predicting & preventing unanticipated failures, leveraging AI-driven, proprietary Continuous Testing & Test Automation solutions, with customer centricity at the core of the transformation. Our test offerings include QE, Advisory & Transformation, Digital Assurance, & QA.


QualityLogic is a software testing company based in Boise, Idaho with additional offices in California and Oklahoma. Founded in 1986, the team of 68 specializes in application testing. They work primarily with enterprise and midmarket clients in the arts, entertainment and music industries.NOTABLE PROJECT

QualityLogic provided testing services for a critical communication application. They conducted manual, ad hoc, and exploratory testing for mobile and web apps. They supported feature additions via new assessments and flagging issues through a defect-tracking system and usage library.

Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue: US $9-10 M
No. of Employees: 100-200
Service cost/ packages: Contact them for the quote.


QASource is a leading software engineering and QA services company providing a full suite of QA testing services to help you release better software faster.

With a team of over 800 engineering experts located in both offshore and nearshore locations, it has been providing software testing services to help Fortune 500 companies and startups since 2002. A few of its clients include Ford, Oracle, Prudential, eBay, Target, Facebook, and IBM.

Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue: US $5-10 M
No. of Employees: 51-200
Service cost/ packages:  Contact them for the quote.


BugRaptors is a software testing company based in Mohali, India with an office in California. Founded in 2016, the team of 31 specializes in application testing. They work primarily with small business clients in the gaming and real estate industries.NOTABLE PROJECT

BugRaptors provided application testing for an online training platform. As new features were integrated with the platform each month, they performed ticket and regression testing on the client’s web app. They also tested regular patches and performed ad hoc tasks. The client appreciated their flexibility throughout the project.


Oxagile is a full-fledged software testing company with a comprehensive service offering that includes managed testing services, dedicated quality assurance, and QA consulting. Underpinned by cross-domain knowledge, the firm demonstrates its excellence in testing complex high-load solutions.


With 31 years in software testing services, ScienceSoft has established mature testing best practices and standards. Our testing professionals are experienced in complex (300+ web forms, 500+ workflows, 1,000+ business rules) projects and adhere to optimal testing budget and time.

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas, USA.

Core Services:

  • All-round software testing:
    • Functional (API and UI) testing.
    • Integration (component and system integration) testing.
    • Security (security code review, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing).
    • Performance (load, stress, scalability, and stability) testing.
    • Usability (UX and UI audit) testing.
  • QA Consulting and Outsourcing: ScienceSoft provides scalable and flexible testing teams to thoroughly test complex software, including SaaS applications, enterprise solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, financial systems) and their external integrations, entire enterprise software ecosystems.


QA Mentor, Inc. is a software testing company based in New York. It has more than 175 employees and was founded in 2010. The team specializes in application testing services.NOTABLE PROJECT

QA Mentor, Inc. provided testing to identify any bugs in a legacy planning platform’s software and its online-generated keys before launch. Using a detailed matrix, the team tested the platform and provided daily updates. The client enjoyed working with them.

Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue: US $5-6 M
No. of Employees: 200-500

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