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10x Educational-reach with Educational Technology and Remote Proctoring

by Gaurav Todankar

Key takeaways from this blog

  • EduTech platforms and Remote Proctoring enabled exams improve the scale and reach.
  • They extend the education accessibility and testing capability even to remote places.
  • The evolutionary streak automates the entire educational experience for all stakeholders.

Education has undergone a major evolution over the past few decades. Similarly, the convergence of education and technology has brought forth different modalities, ranging from completely online to hybrid mode of education. Global upheavals form the basis of this evolution; necessity being the mother of invention. The 2020s era and the cascading geopolitical effects tested the maturity, effectiveness, and tensility of the EduTech platform, as a whole, that has been around for almost over a decade now.

Why are EduTech and Remote Proctoring the harbingers of future-proof (futuristic) education?

The 2020s era proved that EduTech platforms are the education modalities of the future. Global think tanks made steady progress to resurrect the global education system from the pandemic clutch, in a timely manner. Though, thinking that such scourges may not strike again is naïve. EduTech Platforms and Remote Proctoring should be the education model going ahead. A student’s formative years, and yes of course the national economies, should not suffer due to global events of mass consequence. The community needs to build synergies that not only help tide over, together, but also set the right ground for futuristic educational systems that span geographies.

Why Online Education and Testing is important today?

Building up over each other’s insights is crucial then reinventing the wheel every time. Going back to brick and mortar may look more safe or rather more ethical. However, given the times we live in, if we revert to the earlier modalities, we risk undoing the good that the Educational Think Tanks did for the global community. EduTech Platforms or Technology-assisted Education Platforms accompanied by Remote Proctoring or Technology Assisted Proctoring, are here for good. The community weathered the most difficult part of human history because of the technology innovations that were already in place; without which the global community would have been relegated to 10 years backward in terms of development.

The pandemic saw professional courses and high stake exams being attempted online from across the globe as the students had to head back to their native land. The technology assisted online education and testing evaluation helped them successfully clear their academic programs without losing out on precious years. EduTech platforms improve the educational reach across geographies and time zones. It improves accessibility of education and testing evaluation even in remote areas. The think tanks or the major movers and shakers on the global education arena have always been the ones, who were deprived of education themselves. They are hence driven for education and want the betterment of their lot and the society at large. Watch the webinar on Proctoring 2.0 >>

EduTech Platforms and High Stake Online Exams

Some forums question the integrity of EduTech platforms and online evaluation. However, one should note that EduTech Platforms and Remote Proctoring work very well even for high stake exams. Though evaluation and testing modalities, whether online or brick and mortar, should be a personal choice of the student/candidate.

The options of online or brick and mortar should be in the form of a contractual agreement between the involved parties – Institution, Proctors/Faculty, and Candidates. This should be published upfront citing the terms and conditions to remove ambiguities and grey areas from the process. Litigations for and against the choice of examination mode is a drain on the state and national economy, trivializing an important aspect of human growth.

Online Education and Remote Proctoring has helped the global community navigate through a very difficult part of the human history. That too with least damage to the educational progress and formative years of candidates/students and hence the future of the community as well as the nation. Yes, examination integrity, evaluation fairness, and equity are important. It can be reiterated by keeping the Examination modality option open for choice accompanied with clearly chalked out examination terms, as the way ahead.

Advantages of Educational Technology enabled with Remote Proctoring

EduTech or online education and Remote Proctoring platform is one unit by itself. It brings forth many advantages –

  • Education Quality:Online educational interventions improve the quality of education, retainability, and hence the reproduction of the learnings during online evaluation.
  • Education Reach:This EduTech unit has a seamless reach across geogrpahies and time zones making it most viable even during turbulent times.
  • Accessibility:It provides a platform to those students/candidates who are committed and driven towards higher education but reside in remote places.
  • Process Automation:It automates processes surrounding the entire educational experience for the institution as well as the candidate/student.
  • Candidate Experience:It offers a choice to the candidate/student to select evaluation modalities as per their convenience.
  • Improved TAT:It accelerates the overall process of education and candidate/student evaluation right through selection saving on precious time.

In summary

EduTech Platforms accompanied with Remote Proctoring are here to stay. The 2020s era has tested the maturity of these platforms. They improve the reach and accessibility of education by 10X. The evaluation modalities are a matter of choice that are delivered and accessed through contractual obligations.

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