Difference between Adhoc and Exploratory Testing

           Adhoc Testing            Exploratory Testing
1. Adhoc Testing means learn the application than test it.1. Exploratory Testing means test the application while learning.
2. In Exploratory Testing QA is always asked to test an application without any specific set of documents.2. In Adhoc Testing QA is always asked to test an application with detailed set of documents.
3. In this Testing we always gather information regarding the software/application from complete possible sources and document and then test the application/software.3. In this Testing we gather the information, and also document and test the application simultaneously.
4. In Adhoc Testing tester should have good knowledge about the application in order to test the software.4. In Exploratory Testing tester should increases their knowledge by exploring the application/software.
5. In this testing testers have significant testing of the software before test it.5. In this testing testers may be learning the software before testing it.
6. It is not considered as a type of any.6. It is considered as a type of Adhoc Testing
7. It is not an approach to testing.7. It is an approach, not a technique.