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Best QA Software Testing Services From SoftwareTestingHelp

by support@1lyqa.com

SoftwareTestingHelp now brings to you the best QA Software Testing Services and Consulting.

We are a Software testing Company formed out of passion, love and the zeal to share our QA expertise. So far all of our products have been a reflection of that and now our services will take it to another level. We can help teams globally to achieve their testing targets quickly and easily.

If you are looking for a worldwide trusted software testing service provider company to outsource software testing work then you are at the right place.

With the rising demand for Software Quality in the current market situation, the need for software testing services is also moving up in the ladder day by day. Software Testing has become an integral part of any Software development lifecycle.

Be it a small app development, or a big website launch, everyone wants the software to be successfully tested before it is actually presented to a larger audience, and that’s why we see a lot of independent companies emerging, which are dedicated only to software testing services.

Let’s first discuss some of the models available for software testing services and what are the different types of software testing services we can offer along with some of the top companies which offer these services.

Model for Software Testing Services

When the QA is planned as one of the activities in SDLC, a certain amount of budget is allocated for this activity as well. Depending upon the cost, time, nature of work and expertise required, selection can be made from a list of models.

The models include:

#1) Outsource Model

In this model, the development is done in-house and software testing is outsourced to an external company. Outsourcing can be done to giant MNC’s (Multi-National Companies) or dedicated Software testing services companies. MNC’s – In big MNC’s like Cognizant, Infosys, IBM, TCS etc., they need to follow a certain protocol which may be cost or something else, before bidding for projects and many a time they cannot accept very small projects. They mainly look to work on a large scale and long-term projects.

#2) Independent Software Companies

Software Testing companies basically work on small and medium-sized projects with some exposure to large sized projects. Say app testing or e-commerce testing, such types of testing are mainly taken care by independent testing companies. They maintain flexibility with respect to scaling up and scaling down the resource needs.

#3) In-house Model

In some cases, if the budget is low or the extent of testing required is less, testing activities are planned to be conducted in-house.

Different Types of Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

In this section, I am going to tell you about the list of manual and automation testing services available in the market currently–

  • Mobile & App Testing – This involves testing mobile apps from a functional and user point of view.
  • Performance Testing – This involves testing the performances of the product like how much time does it take for a page to load.
  • Functional Testing – This involves testing the functional areas like ensuring if the users are able to log in or not, etc.
  • Security Testing – Security Testing technique is required to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and any other attacks.
  • Automation Testing – This involves testing which is automated to eliminate the repetitive manual work.
  • Analytics Testing – Testing which is done to provide analysis of which would be better for A/B testing where it optimizes websites by getting to know customers better.
  • Compatibility Testing – Testing which is done to ensure the compatibility of a software’s behavior with particular hardware, software/OS, and network conditions.
  • Accessibility Testing – Accessibility Testing is done to ensure the applications Usability to ensure it remains accessible by all types of people.
  • UI/UX Testing – This testing is done from user experience point of view.
  • Cross Browser Testing – Cross browser testing ensures if the software works perfectly on different devices and different browsers.
  • Web Testing – This involves an end to end website testing
  • API Testing – This involves testing the API’s and web services.

Top Software Testing Services Company

Of course, you can explore our low-cost high-quality testing services.

Our Services

  • Customer-centric – QA solutions tailored to your specific requirements in terms of user base, devices, tools, processes, techniques, etc.
  • Fast, Effective and Affordable
  • Flexible – Adapting to your business model
  • Transparent and worry-free – Know exactly who you are working with and what to expect
  • Conceived and executed by world-class, best in the business QA professionals
  • 100% Quality and Satisfaction guaranteed

Here is what we can do for you

  • Mobile/Web/Desktop Application Testing
  • API Testing
  • End-to-End Release Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Load/Performance Testing
  • E-Commerce, SEO, A/B Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Product Testing

Thinking of a testing type you are not seeing on the list? -Don’t worry, we can provide just about any kind of testing service you need.

In addition,

  • TCoE Setup – We can create a TCoE base with benchmark documentation, processes and process implementation guidelines so your team can be on its way to productivity.
  • Test Process implementation, measuring and monitoring help
  • QA documentation and Technical writing services
  • QA Consulting – Need help finding a tool? Picking a process? Identifying the right solution/strategy/methodology/framework? We can advise.

A closer look at how STH can benefit your team

Functional Testing Services:

  • Early Defect Identification to reduce development costs
  • Better productivity, reusable tests and improved, quicker ROI
  • Scalable and reusable testing processes
  • Reliable and Cost-effective solutions
  • Statistical techniques for Defect Prediction

Test Automation Services:

  • Create, execute and maintain robust automation solutions
  • Accelerated Regression Testing
  • Eliminate human error risks and get consistent test results
  • Improved Test Coverage and Test Effectiveness
  • Reduce manual intervention and monitoring significantly for future regression cycles

Product Testing Services:

  • Comprehensive Product Testing at any or all stages of Product development
  • Multi-perspective testing – Product robustness, performance, Usability, compatibility, etc.
  • Real-time devices and configurations used to simulate end-user conditions
  • Constructive feedback and product improvement suggestions from Industry experts

Performance Testing Services:

  • Identify performance bottlenecks in the application, Database, Infrastructure and code
  • Get real-time analytics and establish performance benchmarks
  • Simulate thousands of geographically targeted users
  • Run load tests with increasing loads
  • Get easy to understand and actionable reports

Test Management, Support, and Methodology:

  • Characteristics of the product and application are studied
  • Test scope, type, tools, processes, and priorities are set
  • Test process and communication protocols identified
  • Detailed documentation, plan, strategy, and frameworks are defined
  • Execution plan and roadmap created to follow through

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