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Key Benefits of Cloud Enabled Mobile Device Lab for Application Testing

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benefits of cloud enabled mobile device lab

According to the latest news reports, mobile testing has become the need of the hour for mobile app testing and mobile device testing.

The app developers and mobile handset companies are known to take testing more seriously. Hence, app testing is considered crucial for the business.

The company comes with the large-scale testing facility, in which engineers and researchers test a plethora of fully assembled batteries.

After giving a consideration to different needs and challenges of the digital landscape, the business enterprises are inclined towards cloud-enabled and cloud-based mobile device testing.

It is regarded as the proven mechanism which helps in testing different mobile application.

Mobile app testing plays an integral role when it comes to creating business viability. The cloud-based mobile application testing approach is regarded as a lucrative solution for different business organizations.

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The cloud-based mobile application testing approach provides web-based access to a vast array of devices and handsets connected to the LIVE networks, which are distributed globally. It offers accomplished control of automated and manual tests for different mobile applications.

In this article, you can find information about the different benefits of the cloud-enabled mobile device Lab for Application Testing:

Round the clock facilities

With cloud-based mobile app testing services, the app will not include any resource and time restrictions.

Hence, it is possible to seek access to the lab throughout the time. It is recognized to the facility, in which the central server will get connected to the machine series, which are located globally.

Anyone who is connected to the server can seek access to different devices. For example, a tester can connect to the cloud and selecting the specific device, which tests the app across various time zones.

Cross-team collaboration

Another notable advantage of cloud-enabled testing is the cross-team collaboration for the developers, test engineers, and managers on the team.

The cloud provides a suitable choice to the team members in seeking access to the single pane of the glass. It gains an understanding to the project status within the business enterprise without any challenges.

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Such kind of solution helps in decreasing misunderstandings, increasing productivity, and connecting the geographical gaps.

Apart from this, the cloud will integrate with different test automation servers and frameworks within the CI/CD pipeline. It provides the suitable opportunity to the team members to work with the latest tool chains consistently.

Cloud-based testing compatibility for the Agile

Agile development provides a suitable opportunity to cross-functional teams. It is inclusive of different team members across various sections of the app developing process.

It will help if you remember that testing is essential at each phase of the cycle. Choosing cloud-enabled mobile devices is useful in boosting the idea as the specific testing accessibility will seek access to the time.

Limitless test automation scalability

Cloud-enabled mobile device testing covers two different aspects, including the platform coverage and test scenarios.

You can create and execute the test automation scenarios in the cloud, which is in parallel across different web and mobile platforms.

This cloud provides a suitable opportunity to scale the platform and platform coverage elasticity. After scaling up, you will be capable of decreasing the test execution time, thereby offering faster feedback.

User experience is known to be the core.

Digital transformation involves giving the prerequisite experience to the potential audience.

The mobile app offers the prerequisite gateway to the business. In case the app includes bugs and errors, which are non-responsive to different devices, the potential audience will be repelled away.

It will result in negative reviews eventually. Cloud-based app testing offers a common platform for the testing app across different operating systems, devices, and real network conditions. The key is the app’s security, accessibility, performance.

Enterprise-grade and security

The business enterprise can execute different kinds of testing. The QA tests execute some kinds of tests against the test environment, whereas few of them are performed against the pre-production environment.

The software testing team works wonders with the enterprise-grade secure platform for every test, which provides support to different network authentications and configurations.

It provides a suitable opportunity to the internal users to execute different testing activities safely.

All kinds of data center cloud solutions are known to be fully compliant with different strict certifications, thereby assuring the ultimate peace of mind to the testers and IT managers in different phases of SDLC.

Keeping pace with the latest platform upgrades

The ever-changing browser and mobile releases need the latest testing environment. It allows hassle-free connection to the most updated Apple and Android platforms. Besides this, it provides extensive support to the latest browser.

Owing to this, the cloud-enabled mobile app testing offers improved test automation coverage for mobile app and web testing.

It is a prerequisite to the teams to seek access to the automation and test environment assets from the local CI servers, IDEs, PCs, and different schedules. Besides this, it enables them to trigger the testing cycle, which will be executed end to end.


Cloud-enabled mobile app testing is useful in saving the overhead costs related to the maintenance and management of different browsers and devices within the in-house lab.

In addition, you can put these kinds of tests towards tool improvements, quality development, and enhanced productivity of the team.


The cloud-enabled mobile app testing provides an improved tracking history of different activities.

Besides this, it offers the suitable opportunity to the potential audience in storing larger data sets. Besides this, the cloud will provide support to disaster recovery.

In addition to this, it provides a suitable opportunity to the business enterprise for different audits, with the recovery of the older data.

Enhancing the test automation security, scalability, coverage, it offers support to the business roadmap. Your business is sure to reap many benefits as you opt for the cloud-enabled mobile device lab for app testing.

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