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Penetration testing a hands-on introduction to hacking

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penetration testing

The terms penetration testing and ethical hacking are used interchangeably as they refer to probing the business enterprise system.

However, they are known to be a bit different at times. Understanding the source of deviation is crucial as they are believed to be an integral part of cybersecurity.

You should not call for the ethical hacker if you are looking for the services of the penetration tester.

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Else, you will end up with the service, which does not accomplish the needs. In this write-up, you can understand what every process involves, after which you should decide what the right choice for you is.

What is essentially ethical hacking?

Like criminal hacking, the objective of ethical hacking involves finding different security vulnerabilities and errors in the business enterprise system.

As indicated, the person executing the attack should have the approval of the business enterprise before proceeding. There might be different reasons why the business enterprises might ask someone else for hacking them.

They understand that it is considered the best option for recognizing and identifying the errors and flaws exploited by cybercriminals.

At times, the ethical hackers get hired before the major updates and the new system becomes live. In addition to this, they are known to test the systems, which look for different weaknesses, exploited by them so that they can keep a note of different findings.

 The business enterprise is known to reach out to ethical hackers as an integral part of the bug bounty scheme.

They provide different financial rewards to the potential audience, who offer the exploitable flaws in the business enterprise systems. However, bug bounties are not the only option of the business enterprise in recognizing different weaknesses. They play an integral role in incentivizing different recreational hackers in staying with the law.

 Regardless of whether they provide the bounty or not, there are a plethora of hackers who are known to probe the system of the business organization during idle time, as they might love the challenges.

As they make the breakthrough, they are going to find it interesting to make the right use of discovery for seeking criminal gain. They provide them with a specific share to share the findings, indicating that it is not the case of money vs ethics.

Types of hackers

The hackers are divided into three categories: black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers.

Also referred to as ethical hackers, the white hat hackers offer a helping hand to the business enterprise to strengthen the defenses by disclosing different findings.

However, black hat hackers are primarily in it for seeking criminal gain. They get motivated by money usually.

However, the attacks are known to be vengeful and political. On the other hand, the grey hat hackers are recognized to be people who are known to hack the business enterprise in good faith. However, they are known to execute malicious attacks.

What is essentially penetration testing?

Penetration testing contributes to the kind of ethical hacking in which the business enterprise hires the specific certified professional to seek access to the cybersecurity defenses strength.

They are known to be executed usually through the business enterprises on-site. The penetration tester will be offered access to the privileged information and attempt’s specific amount till they are known to find certain sensitive details.

 There are various kinds of penetration tests that are known to focus on different aspects of the logical perimeter of the business enterprise.

They are inclusive of the wireless network tests, web application tests, internal network tests, and external network tests.

The penetration testing is executed at different regular times, as the business enterprise makes the prerequisite changes in the applications and the networks.

What is better hacking or penetration testing?

Both penetration testing and ethical hacking are considered suitable solutions as they help achieve the essential cybersecurity goals. Ethical hacking offers the thorough assessment of different security practices.

Speaking of the bug bounties, it is useful in spotting different weaknesses within the systems, which are live already. The approach to cybersecurity is known to be more diverse than penetration testing.

In addition to this, penetration testing emphasized the system weaknesses primarily. Ethical hacking offers the prerequisite freedom to the actors in using the prerequisite attack methodologies.

Besides this, the hackers can exploit the system misconfigurations, execute the password attacks in brute-force, send different phishing emails, and break the specific physical perimeter, which offers them suitable access to the sensitive details.

The Penetration testing services are considered to be a suitable choice to recognize the vulnerability of the business enterprise to different cyber threats.

The crooks are considered to be the combination of different techniques, thereby executing sophisticated and multi-layered attacks. It is not very easy to go to length each time; you look forward to testing the system security.

Penetration testing provides the suitable opportunity to execute the focuses tests on different parts of the business enterprise.

Here, the results are known to be beneficial to recognize different system flaws. In addition to this, the penetration testing results are known to highlight different steps, which are taken for addressing them.

Penetration testing helps in cracking the wireless network keys and passwords along with wordlists and brute-forcing.

It is useful in testing different web apps for different vulnerabilities. In addition to this, you can make the right use of the Metasploit Framework for releasing different exploits, thereby writing the Metasploit modules on your own.

 In addition to this, it is useful in automating different social engineering attacks. Penetration testing has become the need of the hour in recognizing the resolving different types of system vulnerabilities. It helps in seeking valuable insights within the digital systems. It plays an integral role in establishing trust within the clientele.

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