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What is Pen Testing and Why is it Important to perform?

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what is penetration testing

Penetration testing is considered the prerequisite option to evaluate IT infrastructure security by exploiting different vulnerabilities present in the services, operating systems, and application flaws.

You do not need to lose your night’s sleep over the compromise of the safety and security of the application as you opt for penetration testing. This kind of testing is useful in removing all the patch detected vulnerabilities predominant in the system. 

The penetration testing includes the attempted breaching of the app systems, which helps in revealing different vulnerabilities, which have susceptibility to different code injection attacks.

The insights offered by penetration testing helps in fine-tuning the patch detected vulnerabilities and WAF security policies. Once you go through this article thoroughly, you can understand what pen testing is and why it is necessary to execute penetration testing:

What is penetration testing?

The pen test or penetration testing contributes to being the prerequisite option to evaluate the IT infrastructure security with the exploitation of different vulnerabilities.

Such kinds of vulnerabilities are present in the services, improper configurations, operating systems, app flaws, and risky user behavior.

It is possible to achieve penetration testing services with the aid of automated and manual technologies.

After exploiting the vulnerabilities on a specific system, the testers require using the specific compromised system to release the subsequent exploits at different internal resources. 

Now, we are going to realize why you should execute the penetration testing:

Assessment of the risks

Few factors that determine the business’s risk assessment include the business worth and the importance of IT infrastructure in the business, to name a few. Finding answers to these questions helps in finding different risks and the effects.

It is recommended to hire experts to achieve the risk assessment properly. The risk assessment results offer the prioritized objectives list, which helps in protecting the business.

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Depending on the chances and effects of the threats, penetration testing is considered to be one of the primary objectives.

Reducing the risks of errors

Penetration testing offers assistance to the developers in creating fewer errors. As the penetration testing developers gain an understanding of the release of the malicious entity attack upon the app, they will learn about the security on a wide scale.

Performance of penetration testing is crucially important if the business enterprise introduces certain upgrades and changes to the applications and IT infrastructure to the business. It is also crucial to apply security patches, modify the end-user policies, and plan to relocate to the newer office.

Maintenance of goodwill, revenue and confidentiality

If you cannot secure data confidentiality, it will lead to goodwill loss and legal problems. The security attacks will have an impact on the accounting records, which hurt the business enterprise revenue.

Penetration testing offers assistance to the business organization in discovering the time taken for the specific attacker for breaching the system. In addition to this, it offers confirmation to the business enterprise in making preparations to the security teams for re-mediating the threats.

Verification of the secure configurations

As the business enterprise security team is performing the job, they are highly confident in the actions as well as the final results. Choosing penetration tests help in verifying the security configurations.

The outside entity serves as the confirming agent of whether the system security offers the view, which lacks the different internal preferences.

Implementation of penetration testing helps in measuring the efficiency of the system as the security operations. It is useful in recognizing different gaps, present in the system.

Phases of Penetration Testing

The penetration testing process is primarily divided into five different phases, which include

Reconnaissance and planning

This step includes defining the test objectives and scopes. It involves collecting the intelligence, which helps understand the working principle of the target and the potential vulnerabilities.


 Here, it would help if you understood how the specific target app would respond to different intrusion attempts. It is accomplished with the aid of dynamic analysis and static analysis. Inspection of the code of the app helps in estimating the way in which it behaves during the performance.

Such tools help in scanning the code within a singular pass. Dynamic analysis involves the inspection of the code of the app in the running state. Thus, it offers the real-time view of the performance of the app.

Seeking and maintaining access.

It is another crucial phase of penetration testing that makes the best use of different web app attacks, like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, backdoors, which help reveal the vulnerabilities of the target. After this, the testers try to exploit different vulnerabilities, with the escalation of different privileges, interception of traffic, and data-stealing to understand the damage.

The objective of the phase is to view whether the vulnerability helps in seeking the exploited system performance, which helps in seeking deep access. The ultimate idea is imitating the advanced persistent threats, which might steal the business enterprise’s sensitive data.


It is possible to compile the penetration test results into the report detailing, which include the access of the sensitive data, certain vulnerabilities, which get exploited, to name a few. The security personnel conducts an analysis of the information, which is useful in configuring the WAF settings and app security solutions of the business enterprise, which helps in patching different vulnerabilities. In addition, it offers protection against future attacks.

The penetration results get compiled within the report detailing. It includes certain vulnerabilities, which get exploited, the access of the sensitive data, the total time in which the penetration testing stays in the undetected system.

The security personnel perform the analysis of the information, which offers assistance in configuring the WAF settings of the business enterprise. It is effective in patching different vulnerabilities, thereby offering protection against different future attacks.

The ultimate objective of penetration testing is to recognize different vulnerabilities present in the app. The QA analysts conduct penetration testing against different kinds of systems and code, which is predominant in the app. Through penetration testing, you will be capable of understanding how the specific attacker seeks access to the sensitive data.

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