Cross-browser testing contributes to being the crucial task, which should be performed on the web application.

It stands out of the ordinary in offering a constant and outstanding user experience across a plethora of operating systems, devices and browsers, which are used by the potential audience in accessing the website.

A variety of tools are available in the market, which stands out of the ordinary in offering supreme quality, cross-browser QA services. As you read this article, you can seek information about the best in class cross-browser testing tools available in the market:

Ranorex Studio

This tool provides the suitable opportunity in executing end to end testing through the use of emulators, simulators, and real devices. In addition to this, it allows you to execute the tests across various devices, platforms, and technologies. It effectively creates different flexible test automation scripts through the use of different standard programming languages.


This cross-browser testing tool offers the best option in testing the website in different operating systems and browsers. It helps in executing the cross-browser testing with different customization options, such as operating system, browser version, screen resolution, colour depth.

QA Wolf

It is another worth mentioning cross-browser testing tool, which is beneficial in creating the tests from the browser. You do not need any sort of setup and installation. In addition to this, it helps in converting the actions to coding. In addition to this, it helps in re-running the selected code. This tool provides the opportunity in executing the tests on different Vercel/Nelify deployments with a single click. It also offers the opportunity to execute the majority of the tests parallelly.

IE NetRenderer

By using this tool, you can check cross-browser compatibility on a variety of versions. It comes with the IE NetRenderer Firefox add-on, which helps in rendering the web page, you are reading at present.


It is recognized to be one of the best in the class cross-browser testing tool, which provides a suitable opportunity to the testers and developers in executing cross-browser testing on a bunch of operating systems and real browsers in different screen solutions. You can perform testing on the most updated desktop and mobile browsers upon the cloud through this tool.

It assures that the site has high compatibility across different devices and browsers with the execution of cross-browser compatibility testing in real-time.

It helps in testing for responsiveness, thereby seeking full paged automated screenshots. This tool offers support to different devices, such as Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, to name a few. It is effective in checking the responsiveness on different screen sizes.

Selenium Box

It is one of the best in class cross-browser testing tools, which serves as the mobile testing infrastructure and cross-browser in most security-sensitive organizations, financial institutions, and most enterprises.

It is executed in the private cloud and in-house completely. It offers support to different browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, MacOS Safari, Ege, and Internet Explorer in the latest versions. In addition to this, it helps in supporting mobile emulators, desktop browsers, real mobile devices, to name a few.


It is one of the leading cross-browser testing tools, which helps in testing the websites with the aid of various browsers, such as Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and various operating systems, such as Android, Windows.

In addition to this, they provide support to different browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, to name a few.

This cross-browser testing tool is useful in recording the videos of the browsing sessions. In addition to this, it offers a helping hand in resizing the browsers and changing the screen resolution, catering to different responsive testing requirements. This cross-browser testing tool helps in executing the real browsers on different real computers. Other than this, it is beneficial in recording the videos of different browsing sessions.


It is one of the best in class cross-browser testing tools, which helps execute and create XCUITest, Espresso, Selenium, Appium and tests across many web browsers and real mobile devices.

This tool helps in performing the tests parallelly. In addition to this, it helps in visualizing the test reports with different log files, screenshots, and videos. It boasts of visual testing, which helps in verifying and validating the User Interface responsiveness.


It is one of the leading cross-browser testing tools, which helps in the creation of different automated GUI tests in a single browser.

It assures complete test coverage at once. In addition to this, it helps in bringing an improvement in software quality.

It has gained high popularity as one of the automated User Interface testing tools, which helps in creating, execute, and maintain different functional tests across various web apps, mobile and desktop. This tool is known to execute the tests across a plethora of real testing environments. It helps in generating automated GUI tests for different browsers.


This cross-browser testing tool offers the best oppurtunity to the potential audience in testing different Apple, Android and web apps on various operating systems. It allows you to collaborate with the team.

It offers support to cross-browser testing on Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, to name a few. In addition to this, it offers support to the performance of different web tests on different real mobile devices.

This tool is useful in the creation and execution of tests without any prerequisite coding skills. In addition to this, it helps in reusing the tests on various devices and browsers. Other than this, it provides the prerequisite opportunity to integrate the cross-browser testing tool with different external systems, like webhooks, Slack, Jenkins, email notifications, to name a few.

Cross-browser testing offers an out of the ordinary user experience across different combinations, which help in seeking additional users. It also offers a boost in sales. Cross-browser testing happens to be a kind of non-functional test, which assures that the web app and website work in different web browsers.