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How performance testing can enhance your application?

by 1lyQA Team
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Are you a professional in performance testing ? Do you serve as a Quality Assurance or a Program Manager? Even if the Key Responsibility Area of your job revolves around Software Development, you must understand why Performance Testing is so crucial.

It is the process that enables you to ensure that your products resemble the most excellent grade, and matches the gratification of your customers. 

The expenses involved in Performance Testing are a good investment. It is for the reason that an optimally performing software contributes to securing your company’s reputation.

Suppose you are delivering quality software and applications consistently. In that case, your target customers will always prefer to deal with you, rather than approach your competitors. As such, you are developing high quality, and high-performance software is the key to secure your business. Adequate Performance testing is the first significant step in that regard. 

The investment you put in developing the framework for Quality Testing fetches you the sweetest value in return.

It always justifies the cost of retaining the structure, as well as upgrades it from time to time. Remember, adequate maintenance activity is crucial if you aspire to perform the Quality Assurance Testing to optimum perfection. 

Some Businesses approach Quality Testing in a casual approach, and they are doing it just for the sake of words. However, it is not the right approach. Thorough and adequate testing enables you to ensure the quality and performance of the software. It helps you escape the overwhelming cost and unproductive time-lapse to repair the application at a later stage. 

Paragraphs underneath shall explore some alternative application of Performance Testing that justifies the decision to develop a comprehensive framework in this regard. 

The reasons to try alternate uses of Performance Testing?

Following are the key reasons for which businesses may try re-using Performance Testing: 

The Testing framework has already developed, and it involves some hefty investments. 

It is all about re-using something that a business maintains. 

  • You can expect substantial value-addition to the Software Development and Quality Assurance process. 
  • It enables a company to deliver excellent products. 
  • It offers an inspiration to maintain the testing framework. Most importantly, it forms a platform for the workforce to exchange knowledge, experience, and observations. Thus, it aids in the continuous learning process. 

How it benefits an organization?

Organizations will reap manifold benefits from robust and adequate Performance Testing. Here are the key points in that context. 

Data Creation in Massive volume that facilitates more testing for higher quality assurance standards 

The Performance Testing process goes about creating a large amount of data across its entire execution phase. It includes Policies, Accounts, and User Manual, and the list in this regard keeps growing with time. The data pool comes exceptionally crucial for the entire Quality Assurance Team. 

Assume your organization has already automated the Performance Testing process. It is likely to generate Data on an ongoing basis. In case a business decides to continue with the manual testing process, the Quality Testing Process is expected to slow down due to the accumulation of such massive data. 

Some Businesses approach Performance Testing Services with the Modularization and Standardization policies. Changes in the functional environment are likely to drive them for overnight testing for producing Data for their Quality Assurance professionals. 

System Availability 

So far, Data generation is concerned, the Modular and Standardization orientation simplifies the Testing process across any functional ecosystem. Once a business adopts this approach, one successful Iteration after every deployment comes adequately to ensure that the program is stable and potent enough for real-time application.

The Test Running Process overnight, after the implementation becomes extremely crucial once the QA Team Members arrive to work the next morning.

The overnight process generates ample data to facilitate more extensive and intensive testing that ensures the qualitative aspect of the development. No wonder, more and more organizations worldwide are taking this approach with time. Their reviews suggest that they have significantly benefitted from this process. 

System Reconciliation

The majority of projects demand Data Migration from any Legacy System. A Migration process may come as a component of the Testing process, or it can be in the production ecosystem. No matter its nature, the migration process must involve accurate data. 

Usually, the Testing scripts verify Data Load in a database. Alternatively, it may involve evaluating the data quality in the database, as if it is a component of the performance testing process.  

Hardening Test 

The Performance testing process may involve Component Collision or Race Condition evaluation. In such instances, the Testing Team may aspire to stimulate a Sequence message.

Such messages are likely to appear instantly, or in rapid succession for ensuring that the components are handling Idempotency. 

By its inherent nature, The Performance Testing Process relies on the capacity to stimulate load, originating from varied technologies and protocols. Likewise, it involves the ability to simulate testing conditions. It is one of the most crucial stages across the testing process, and the entire team should hold some involvement with this phase. 

Tools to monitor Software Production 

The development of a cutting-edge system or application comes at a stage across the deployment process in real-time Production. It demands some tooling that ensures that the system never surpasses the critical Threshold.

The tools to monitor Production sometimes function on surpassed-threshold. Their configuration sometimes becomes almost impossible to evaluate. Executing Concurrency and the Peak of the Load Volume assists in configuring these tools as per the expected CPU standards and Memory at the seasonal peak levels. 

An alternate application of Performance Testing is not about making the optimum out of the process with re-purposing the Testing Scripts. Instead, it aims to bring overall and substantial improvements to the usual Quality Assurance process.

As such, organizations should inevitably give adequate focus on this regard. It Will help businesses develop significant improvements in their Quality Assurance process, ensuring the development of foolproof applications and software at the most competitive rates. 

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