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Top Trends In Software Testing

by 1lyQA Team
software testing trends

Some of the trends in software testing are,

  • Test Automation
  • Security in test
  • Automation Test in Mobile
  • Test in Big Data
  • Test in IOT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Speech Technology

Test Automation:

  • Automation test is vital for devops, the test automation is the software can test automatically and test automation can be done by the automation tools. Automation test can discover deep errors in software and also improve the quality of the software. 
  • Some of the automation tools are Selenium, Telerik test studio, Robotium, SoapUI, Test drive and so on.

Security in Testing:

         Testing the application or software, to resolve the risk, issue, threats, unprotected and also prevents from the disruption. Securing the data is very important.  Recently cyber attack is in high, so securing the data is in threatening. If financial based companies may fail to secure the user information, tends to huge risk of reputation. Testing the application, we can find the weakness and loopholes in the software application, this may leads to loss of quality and performance, loss of information. Security trend is very important, because protect the data from the cyber attack. It should be most important trend in upcoming years.

Automation Test in Mobile:

         Mobile testing is used to know the convenience, functionality, reliable and so on.  Mobile test automation can be done by the mobile automation tools, for instance: Android mobile has Robotium tool for automated mobile test. But mobile automation test has very low on the passed year’s mobile due to less methods and tools for test. Now, mobile automation test increase in mobile and it leads to more methods and tools for mobile automation.

Test in Big Data:

  • Big data provides the new growth opportunity for companies and also for banking, health care, new technology and so on . The big data can be analyzed the various data, it may leads the companies to make the good market strategizing and making better decision for them.
  • The big data test, check the large volume of data and the robust process that is optimized the market strategy for their companies and the companies are going towards the data oriented, so this trend is more popular in upcoming years.

Test in IOT:

         Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the most popular technology. Now, every devices are connect with internet. It is used in different industries like manufacturing, government sector and electronic devices and so on. The device are connect with sensors and we can process the data and information of the software it’s responsible by the cloud-based application. It can be ensure the coverage of test, find error in early stage and so on. This trend change and evolves in day to day life.

Artificial Intelligence:

         Artificial intelligence is mainly used for the computer act like a human. Now, AI test the software in smarter way like a chat bots, it helps the user to resolve the issues or to avoid gap between user and the brand company.  AI algorithm can generate the test script, test case, data and report and also enhance the automation tools, adapt quickly, evaluate test object and so on. 

Speech Technology:

           Voice recognition or speech technology is used in mobile phone or in home for their security purpose and used for searching i.e.) speak instead of typing. There are many speech recognition technology, some of them Google assistant, Cortana, Amazon Echo, siri, Amazon Alexa are used and some of the end user can used as password ( to speak out to unlock the mobile, door and so on).

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