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Why do we need frameworks for test automation?

by 1lyQA Team
why test automation framework


  • Testing plays a vital role in software development and it is important stage in software development life cycle.
  • Test the software can be improved the quality of the software, reliable and efficient performance.

Software Testing

         It is an activity of identify the errors and issues and also help to know the quality of the software and provides assess information about the software product.

Automation Testing

  • It is the activity of operating the software, script and tools to execute the test case by replicating pre – planned actions.
  • Automation test, without human control, the test can be automatically carried out in the system and it can optimize the efficiency of the system.
  • The automated test can discover the hidden errors and increase the efficiency of the software and it can execute the complex test case for testing the software.
  • It helps to decrease the response cycle and increase the speed of validation for stages in software development life cycle.
  • It helps to correct the errors on early stage of the software development that can increase the efficiency of the product.

Why the framework need for automation test?

  • Automated test helps tester, to verify the resources are in efficient and effective. It consists of set of procedure, to create and execute the test case.
  • Automated test can be test the software automatically using the testing framework which can be test the software in complex test case, discovers the hidden error and increase the quality of the software and effective and efficient performance and reliability of the software.
  • The test automation framework can be used to test the software, it has many important frameworks for testing. But it has used an effective test framework for automation testing. Before done an automation testing, the testing framework can be test in function testing, performance testing and so on.
  • The automation test framework has many types of framework and some of the important framework are,
  • Framework on Linear script.
  • Framework Testing on Modular.
  • Framework Testing on Data driven.
  • Framework Testing on Keyword driven.
  • Framework Testing on Hybrid

Framework on Linear script:

This framework also known as record and playback model. It depends on the playback and script of record, it is in linear and the test case can be evaluate in an individual and it can be in incremental way.

Framework Testing on Modular:

 The framework is depends on the concept of abstraction and to test the software by the independent test case. Abstraction layer is build for components in the under test of the product.

Framework Testing on Data driven:

The individual file in excel format to store the input value and output value. It can evaluate multiple set of data can be test by the single driver.

Framework Testing on Keyword driven:

It is an extension of above framework and it is used for web based applications. It uses the table in data and keyword to evaluate action and estimate on under test of the product.

Framework Testing on Hybrid:

 The combination of Modular, Data driven and Keyword driven framework. This framework test is depends on end to end test. Many testing frameworks have, here we discuss some of the testing framework. This frameworks can test automated in the software automatically and gives the reliable, efficient performance and quality of the software.

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